Home for the Aged and Home for the Children

We welcome you to join our children fostering program!

‘Children are gifts from God’ as a popular saying goes. They are also compared to plants that need watering and nurture. Most children nowadays are pampered and adored by their parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. Mothers invest their time and energies ferrying their kids from one tuition session to another. In China where there is a one child to a couple limitation, the lone child has become “the little emperor or empress” in the family.

Yet in the midst of a generation where children are revered and treasured, there are those who border on abandonment and desertion by parents due to death, divorce, broken families or irresponsible lifestyles. Children in such circumstances face the possibility of educational, emotional and physical neglect when there is no family crib to care for them and protect them in their growing years. Due to the lack of strong supervision some kids have experienced mishandling and abuse of sorts.

Friends and neighbours who feared for the well-being of such minors have helped to send them to welfare homes such as Rumah Charis. Some even contribute as sponsors to help alleviate the costs of child rearing, borne by the social organisation. As we may know, providing for the needs of growing children is no easy task – both financially and physically. The day-to-day health care, food, schooling, pocket money and transportation incur expenses such as the hiring of staff, the use of building and vehicles maintenance. Due to this, organisations such as Rumah Charis are seeking more public support towards childcare and nurture by introducing a fostering program where contributions by the caring public can ensure the proper running of children homes undertaken by them.

Rumah Charis invites caring individuals or organisations to assist in its child fostering program by contributing to the needs below:

  1. School and Book Fees – RM100 per child
  2. Tuition Fees – RM100 per child
  3. Food and Transport - RM150 per child

Total sponsorship per child will be RM350.

Please contact Suzanne Lee at 03-77815977 if you are able to assist in the fostering program!